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Last active May 20, 2022 09:00
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Arch Linux must-have packages
#!/usr/bin/env bash
0x0() {
case "${1}" in
local url=`curl --silent -F"shorten=${1}" | sed 's/\n//'`
echo -n "${url}"
# Do sanity checks
local f=`realpath ${1}`
if [ ! -f "${f}" ]; then
echo "No such file"
return 1
# Now... post!
local url=`curl --silent -F"file=@${f}" | sed 's/\n//'`
echo -n "${url}"
local url=`curl --silent -F"url=${1}" | sed 's/\n//'`
echo -n "${url}"
cat <<EOF
Usage: $(basename ${0}) [s/u/ur]
s = shorten
u = upload
ur = upload from remote
0x0 $*
  • weston-git libinput-git wayland-git OR i3-gaps-next-git lightweight GUI
  • firefox to browse web (or chromium, if you want better web experience). NOTE: don't forget to configure them to be secure
  • youtube-dl to get your kitty videos from youtube
  • mpv better than mplayer
  • htop Best process viewer
  • ncdu "NCurses Disk Usage"
  • tmux terminal multiplexer
  • tor to become (almost)anonymous
  • proxychains-ng to use proxy on app what doesn't actually support it
  • linux-pf TuxOnIce, -ck patchset etc.
  • weechat IRC client
  • rxvt-unicode best terminal out there
  • openssh must-have
  • socat Better than netcat
  • python teh awesome scripting
  • zsh the zsh shell
  • neovim Best editor
  • rofi Menu for i3
  • mosh Mobile shell
  • feh To view images and set background on i3
  • 0x0 -> ~/bin/0x0, client (to share public files)

Advanced tools:

  • curl gorks those URLs
  • python-pip and requests, httpie
  • ettercap, arpspoof, sslstrip, nftables take router over and forward packets through your computer
  • aircrack-ng-svn, airdrop-ng-svn cracks and drops air (if it works)
  • john crack passwords
  • rsync
  • gcc musl to make C programs, musl is to make them extra-small (statically)
  • busybox (for http server and temporary cgi)
  • lxc systemd-nspawn for simple app sandboxing
  • wireshark and/or tcpdump to sniff packets
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