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Create Singleton pattern using ES6
'use strict';
* Created by Milan Karunarathne
* Email:
* May be freely distributed under the MIT license
import EventEmitter from 'events';
class Single extends EventEmitter {
constructor() { = 'Singleton';
getName() {
setName(name) { = name;
export default let single = new Single();
'use strict';
import Single from './ES6_Single';
console.log(`Test one: ${Singleton.getName()}`);
console.log(Singleton.setName('New Single'));
'use strict';
import Single from './ES6_Single';
setTimeout(() => {
console.log(`Test two: ${Singleton.getName()}`);
}, 500);

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commented Oct 17, 2016

Tried the same approach you have, but I get an error with unexpected token let:
export default let single = new Single();

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