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Last active Oct 28, 2016
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Redux devtools integration with @culli/store
import {O, extend} from "@culli/base" // you can replace this with your own streaming library if you want
import Memory from "./memory"
function ReduxDevtools(initial) {
const devtools = window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__
if (!devtools) {
return Memory(initial)
function ReduxDevtoolsStorage(actions) {
return O.create(({next}) => {
const store = devtools((s, a) => a.type === "@@INIT" ? initial : a.__.apply(s))
const disposeStore = store.subscribe(() => next(store.getState()))
const disposeActions = O.subscribe({
next: a => store.dispatch(extend({}, a.value, {__: a}))
}, actions)
return () => {
ReduxDevtoolsStorage.__culli = true // this is reserved for built-in storages only (so that we don't need to do redundant stream adapt in/out)
return ReduxDevtoolsStorage
export default ReduxDevtools
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