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Valet Driver for Craft CMS (2.x) that tries to resolve filenames using static asset versioning, per
class CacheBustingCraftValetDriver extends ValetDriver
* Determine if the driver serves the request.
* @param string $sitePath
* @param string $siteName
* @param string $uri
* @return bool
public function serves($sitePath, $siteName, $uri)
return is_dir($sitePath.'/craft');
* Determine if the incoming request is for a static file.
* @param string $sitePath
* @param string $siteName
* @param string $uri
* @return string|false
public function isStaticFile($sitePath, $siteName, $uri)
if ($this->isActualFile($staticFilePath = $sitePath.'/public'.$uri)) {
return $staticFilePath;
$segments = explode('/', $uri);
$filename = end($segments);
unset($segments[count($segments) - 1]);
$filename = explode('.', $filename);
if (count($filename) > 1) unset($filename[count($filename) - 2]);
$filename = join('.', $filename);
$segments[] = $filename;
$bustedUri = join('/', $segments);
if ($this->isActualFile($staticFilePath = $sitePath.'/public'.$bustedUri)) {
return $staticFilePath;
return false;
* Get the fully resolved path to the application's front controller.
* @param string $sitePath
* @param string $siteName
* @param string $uri
* @return string
public function frontControllerPath($sitePath, $siteName, $uri)
// Default index path
$indexPath = $sitePath.'/public/index.php';
$scriptName = '/index.php';
// Check if the first URL segment matches any of the defined locales
$locales = [
$parts = explode('/', $uri);
if (count($parts) > 1 && in_array($parts[1], $locales)) {
$indexPath = $sitePath.'/public/'. $parts[1] .'/index.php';
$scriptName = '/' . $parts[1] . '/index.php';
$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] = $scriptName;
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = $scriptName;
return $indexPath;
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