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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Install geard from source
set -e
: ${PREFIX:=/usr/local}
mkdir -p $PREFIX/src/geard.go
cd $PREFIX/src/geard.go
export GOPATH="$PWD"
mkdir -p src/
git clone src/ || true
src/ -n -l
sed "s:/usr/bin:$PREFIX/bin:g" src/ >geard.service
set -x
install -d $PREFIX/stow/geard/lib/systemd/system/ $PREFIX/stow/geard/bin/
#for binfile in bin/*; do
# install -Dm755 $binfile $PREFIX/stow/geard/bin/${binfile##*/}
install -Dm755 bin/gear $PREFIX/stow/geard/bin/gear
install -Dm755 bin/switchns $PREFIX/stow/geard/bin/switchns
install -Dm755 bin/sti $PREFIX/stow/geard/bin/sti
install -Dm755 bin/gear-auth-keys-command $PREFIX/stow/geard/sbin/gear-auth-keys-command
install -Dm644 geard.service $PREFIX/stow/geard/lib/systemd/system/
if [ -e /bin/systemctl ] && ! [ -e /usr/bin/systemctl ]; then
ln -sf /bin/systemctl $PREFIX/stow/geard/bin/systemctl
set +x
find $PREFIX/stow/geard
cd $PREFIX/stow
stow -R geard
echo "systemctl enable geard.service"
echo "systemctl start geard.service"
echo "systemctl status geard.service"
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