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Access to companion object of Foo via implicit resolution
trait Companion[T] {
type C
def apply() : C
object Companion {
implicit def companion[T](implicit comp : Companion[T]) = comp()
object TestCompanion {
trait Foo
object Foo {
def bar = "wibble"
// Per-companion boilerplate for access via implicit resolution
implicit def companion = new Companion[Foo] {
type C = Foo.type
def apply() = Foo
import Companion._
val fc = companion[Foo] // Type is Foo.type
val s = // bar is accessible
nhap96 commented May 14, 2016 edited

Hi, could you explain why in line 7 the companion method is defined as implicit def but not def, and is there any case the implicit modifier here would be useful? Thank you.

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