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Check for distinct replicas on riak cluster nodes for a given n_val
#! /usr/bin/env python
Check for replicas on distinct nodes within a riak cluster for a given n_val
import re
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from subprocess import check_output
def main():
parser = ArgumentParser(description=__doc__)
'-n', '--n_val', metavar='N', type=int, default=3,
help='n_val (default: 3)',
n_val = parser.parse_args().n_val
ring_size = get_ring_size()
print("n_val: {}".format(n_val))
print("ring size: {}".format(ring_size))
ref_partitions = list(range(ring_size)) * 2
all_partitions = set()
for node in get_nodes():
partitions = get_partitions(node)
indistinct = get_indistinct_replicas(partitions, n_val, ref_partitions)
if indistinct:
print("{} replicas are not distinct: {}".format(node, indistinct))
print("{} looks good".format(node))
partition_set = set(ref_partitions)
if all_partitions != partition_set:
unexpected = all_partitions - partition_set
if unexpected:
print("unexpected partitions: {}".format(list(unexpected)))
notfound = partition_set - all_partitions
if notfound:
print("partitions not found: {}".format(list(notfound)))
def get_ring_size():
output = check_output(["riak-admin", "cluster", "partition-count"])
match = re.match(r"Cluster-wide partition-count: (\d+)", output)
if not match:
raise RuntimeError("bad partition count: {}".format(output))
return int(
def get_nodes():
node_name = r"([\w_.\-]+@[\w_.\-]+) +\|"
output = check_output(["riak-admin", "cluster", "status"])
return re.findall(node_name, output)
def get_partitions(node):
part_expr = r"^\| primary \|[\w ]+\| *(\d+) *\|$"
command = ["riak-admin", "cluster", "partitions", "--node", node]
output = check_output(command)
return [int(m) for m in re.findall(part_expr, output, re.MULTILINE)]
def get_indistinct_replicas(partitions, n_val, ref_partitions):
indistinct = set()
local_set = set(partitions)
for id_ in partitions:
for i in range(1, n_val):
if ref_partitions[id_ + i] in local_set:
indistinct.add(ref_partitions[id_ + i])
return sorted(indistinct)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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