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Github octocat avatar, SVG format
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johan commented Jul 3, 2011

Neat! But a little lame of Illustrator to export two of the the three glows as rasterized inline png images. Maybe custom-shape gradients is something SVG doesn't really lend itself to do declaratively yet, though.

johan commented Jul 3, 2011

User script to view the images inline right on github, by the way:


milligramme commented Jul 4, 2011

I recognize that rasteried by using transparency effects.
"github-improved", it is GREAT user script! Thank you.

johan commented Jul 4, 2011

Oh, you're most welcome; please share it with everybody you like. :-) If you're running Chrome (or Opera), it's handy to use it in extension form, to get all the updates and bug fixes rolling in effortlessly, by the way (I think I've almost made up the time it took me to extensionize it, just from not having to keep my browsers in sync with updates :-).

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