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Last active Jan 24, 2016
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Portfile for Elixir programming language
# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
# $Id$
PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup github 1.0
github.setup elixir-lang elixir 1.2.1 v
epoch 1
categories lang
platforms darwin
supported_archs noarch
license Apache-2
description The Elixir Programming language
long_description Elixir is a functional, meta-programming aware language \
built on top of the Erlang VM. It is a dynamic language \
that focuses on tooling to leverage Erlang's abilities to \
build concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant \
applications with hot code upgrades.
depends_lib port:erlang
checksums rmd160 8251d9949e805a46531ae92569459603ceacb66f \
sha256 845825b0e370f7f076484c1ec98df4977c6dfd977cc24b506875cc360b866080
use_configure no compile
destroot.args PREFIX=${prefix}
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