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onLoadItemsSuccess: function(response, params) {
var lastRequest = this.getLastRequest(),
items = response.items;
this.fireEvent("afterloaditems", this, response, params);
var tags = lastRequest.stash.request.params.tags,
type = CJ.Utils.getTagType(tags);
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made few discussions with Max about bugs;
fixed bugs: 6111, 6206, 6209, 6167;
added logic to send flag-request in comments;
updated asyncview mechanizm to make it simple to use.
made a call with Ilian;
recorded editor related bugs;
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1.The deletion confirmation popup doesn’t close; instead some imprevisible behavior append.
2. Now you need to click on the back button twice to go back on the page where you were before going to the home page. Also pressing on the back button the first time doesn’t check or uncheck the `show blocks` checkbox
3. Go to the home page
Click on a shortcut
Click on the edit menu on the key header to bring the edit menu popup
Click on the edit menu button => nothing happen
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added error-handler to view bugs using alert (ios)
fixed bug with splitting the text in IE10
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small fixes in slide-menu
fixed ios5-history bug
fixed ie10 styles in #merge
fixed history.state in IOS5
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1. On IE10, we have to click back twice to do back.
2. fixes for block-styles.
4. fixes audio-player styles.
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