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Created May 18, 2021 20:52
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# Message to the future, that I wrote to the sattelite KEO ( )
# I sent it before 2006-06-15). Perhaps it has a few mistakes, but anyway, here is what I wrote:
Hello, the intelligent entities of the future.
This is Inyuki from Japan, from the past.
How were you doing all the time from the year 2006 up to now? How are
you doing now? What problems you are having? It is interesting to
This is what I want to tell you from the past:
1. I understood that "the goal of intelligence" is to understand in
order to understand rather than to get control. Understanding alone
leads to survival.
2. I understood that "love" is but a wish to make exist what is
better* or has a potential to be better than you.
3. I understood that "good" is to let exist. "Bad" is to destroy.
Universally speaking, I understood that
* "The best" is not to destroy anything, and let everything exist in harmony.
5. I understood that "to understand" is "to make exist a copy with the
same properties of it in your mind".
6. I understood that "You", "Me", past, present and future ARE
Everything, as we are all an integral part of the Universe,
interconnected by forces.
7. I understood that "beauty" is properties that make you think you
are closer to your goal.
8. I understood that "Data" is simply ratios, of interaction of forces.
I remember, from 2.7 years old, my dream is to understand Everything,
understand the beginning of the Universe.
Now I understand, that for that it needs to make that Everything
understood Everything; to make that Universe was aware itself.
9. I understood that "happy" is to understand that everything is
harmoniously coexisting.
10. I understood that "Sad" is to understand that pieces of our
Universe are disappearing.
11. I understood that "True Happynes" cannot be achieved without
achieving omniscence.
12. I understood that only omniscence can make you feel sure and safe
about past present and future.
That is about all what I wanted to say for now.
I am sincerely very curious, and waiting for your answer.
Yours respectfully,
(*) better : closer to the goal.
[Coordinates and time attached]
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