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Created November 10, 2019 04:12
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Cadence activity to execute shell commands
package main
import (
const CadenceService = "cadence-frontend"
func buildLogger() *zap.Logger {
config := zap.NewDevelopmentConfig()
var err error
logger, err := config.Build()
if err != nil {
panic("Failed to setup logger")
return logger
func buildServiceClient(address, clientName string) workflowserviceclient.Interface {
ch, err := tchannel.NewChannelTransport(tchannel.ServiceName(clientName))
if err != nil {
panic("Failed to setup tchannel")
dispatcher := yarpc.NewDispatcher(yarpc.Config{
Name: clientName,
Outbounds: yarpc.Outbounds{
CadenceService: {Unary: ch.NewSingleOutbound(address)},
if err := dispatcher.Start(); err != nil {
panic("Failed to start dispatcher")
return workflowserviceclient.New(dispatcher.ClientConfig(CadenceService))
//sample call from workflow
var result string
err = workflow.ExecuteActivity(
workflow.WithTaskList(ctx, "shell"),
[]string{"-cx", "echo `env`"},
[]string{"foo=bar", "foo2=bar2"},
).Get(ctx, &result)
func command(ctx context.Context, cmd string, args []string, env []string) (string, error) {
zap.String("cmd", cmd),
zap.Strings("args", args),
zap.Strings("env", env),
command := exec.Command(cmd, args...)
command.Env = append(os.Environ(), env...)
cmdOut, execErr := command.CombinedOutput()
return string(cmdOut), execErr
func main() {
var name, address, taskList, clientName, domain string
flag.StringVar(&address, "address", "localhost:7933", "Cadence Address, <host>:<port>")
flag.StringVar(&taskList, "tasklist", "shell", "Task List")
flag.StringVar(&clientName, "clientname", "shell", "Client Name")
flag.StringVar(&domain, "domain", "default", "Domain")
flag.StringVar(&name, "name", "command", "Activity Name")
activity.RegisterWithOptions(command, activity.RegisterOptions{Name: name})
serviceClient := buildServiceClient(address, clientName)
logger := buildLogger()
workerOptions := worker.Options{
Logger: logger,
DisableWorkflowWorker: true,
EnableSessionWorker: true,
worker := worker.New(serviceClient, domain, taskList, workerOptions)
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