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A simple background task class snippet (from:
import Foundation
*AsyncTask v1.1 Updated: 2016-12-01
*Defines a task which executed asynchronously in background thread.
*Every AsyncTask instance has 3 life cycle events:
* 1. beforeTask execution (Optional) - executed on UI Main thread
* 2. bagkroundTask execution - executed in background thread
* 3. afterTask execution (Optional) - executed on UI Main thread
*When caller instantiates AsyncTask he\she can decide what data type to pass in and out, using
* predefined generic types <BGParam,BGResult> where
* BGParam - passed in to 'backgroundTask' from calling 'execute' method
* BGResult - passed out from 'backgroundTask' to 'afterTask' method
*Usage examples:
* //Example 1
* AsyncTask(backgroundTask: {(p:String)->() in
* print(p);
* }).execute("Hello async");
* //Example 2
* let task=AsyncTask(beforeTask: {
* print("pre execution");
* },backgroundTask: {(p:Int)->String in
* if p>=0{return "Positive";}
* else {return "Negative";}
* }, afterTask: {(p:String)in
* print("\(p)");
* });
* task.execute(5);
public class AsyncTask <BGParam,BGResult>{
private var pre:(()->())?;//Optional closure -> called before the backgroundTask
private var bgTask:(_ param:BGParam)->BGResult;//background task
private var post:((_ param:BGResult)->())?;//Optional closure -> called after the backgroundTask
*@param beforeTask Optional closure -> which called just before the background task
*@param backgroundTask closure -> the background task functionality with generic param & return
*@param afterTask Optional -> which called just after the background task
public init(beforeTask: (()->())?=nil, backgroundTask: @escaping (_ param:BGParam)->BGResult, afterTask:((_ param:BGResult)->())?=nil){
*Execution method for current backgroundTask with given parameter value in background thread.
*@param BGParam passed as a parameter to backgroundTask
public func execute(_ param:BGParam){
pre?()//if beforeTask exists - invoke it before bgTask .background).async {
let bgResult=self.bgTask(param);//execute backgroundTask in background thread
if( != nil){//if afterTask exists - invoke it in UI thread after bgTask
DispatchQueue.main.async {!(bgResult)}
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