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minhajkk /
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Basic HTML Meta Tags

<meta name="keywords" content="your, tags"/>
<meta name="description" content="150 words"/>
<meta name="subject" content="your website's subject">
<meta name="copyright"content="company name">
<meta name="language" content="ES">
echo 'export PATH=$HOME/local/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc
. ~/.bashrc
mkdir ~/local
mkdir ~/node-latest-install
cd ~/node-latest-install
curl | tar xz --strip-components=1
./configure --prefix=~/local
make install # ok, fine, this step probably takes more than 30 seconds...
curl | sh
minhajkk / page-scroll-script
Last active December 18, 2015 01:29
To scroll the page up to given element.
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$('html, body').animate({
scrollTop: $('#elementId').offset().top
minhajkk / remove-non-serializable-objs-from-flow
Last active December 18, 2015 01:29
Method to remove non serialized objects from flow.
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* To remove non serialized objects from flow.
* @param flow
* @return
private removeNonSerializableFromContext(def flow){
def remove = []
flow.persistenceContext.getPersistenceContext().getEntitiesByKey().values().each { entity ->
if(!entity instanceof Serializable){
minhajkk / CompileSources.groovy
Created July 8, 2012 15:15
gant script for generating stubs from a whizdul file...
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import grails.util.GrailsUtil
includeTargets << grailsScript("Init")
target(main: "The description of the script goes here!") {
File whizdul = new File("${basedir}/grails-app/conf/enterprise.wsdl")
if (whizdul.exists()) {
String[] attrs = [