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Using SSL Certificate, PrivateKey, CertChains with Python Flask/Twisted
from OpenSSL.crypto import load_privatekey, load_certificate, FILETYPE_PEM
#from OpenSSL.SSL import SSLv3_METHOD
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.internet.ssl import CertificateOptions, DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory, DiffieHellmanParameters
from twisted.web import proxy, server
from twisted.python.filepath import FilePath
sample_site = server.Site(proxy.ReverseProxyResource('localhost', 80, '')) # ignore it.
# AES256-SHA
#certOptions = DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory('server.key', 'server.crt')
certOptions = CertificateOptions(
privateKey=load_privatekey(FILETYPE_PEM, FilePath("private.key").getContent()), # PKey Object
certificate=load_certificate(FILETYPE_PEM, FilePath("server.crt").getContent()), # X509 Object
# method=SSLv3_METHOD,
extraCertChain=[load_certificate(FILETYPE_PEM, FilePath(filename).getContent()) for filename in ("chain1.crt", "chain2.crt", "chain3.crt")]
reactor.listenSSL(443, sample_site, certOptions)
from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)'', port=443, ssl_context=('merged.crt','private.key')) # cat server.crt chain1.crt chain2.crt ... > merged.crt
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minhoryang commented Apr 25, 2015

For the extraCertChain, hierarchically ordered certificate files.
(I'm not sure what if it wasn't ordered.)

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minhoryang commented Apr 25, 2015

SSLv3 was disabled. (

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