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tastypie ModelResource that respects 'blank' attribute on Model fields

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class BaseModelResource(ModelResource):
def get_fields(cls, fields=None, excludes=None):
Unfortunately we must override this method because tastypie ignores 'blank' attribute
on model fields.
Here we invoke an insane workaround hack due to metaclass inheritance issues:
this_class = next(c for c in cls.__mro__ if c.__module__ == __name__ and c.__name__ == 'BaseModelResource')
fields = super(this_class, cls).get_fields(fields=fields, excludes=excludes)
if not cls._meta.object_class:
return fields
for django_field in cls._meta.object_class._meta.fields:
if django_field.blank == True:
res_field = fields.get(, None)
if res_field:
res_field.blank = True
return fields
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