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import time
import random
from IPython import parallel
# create client & view
rc = parallel.Client()
dv = rc[:]
# scatter 'id', so id=0,1,2 on engines 0,1,2
dv.scatter('id', rc.ids, flatten=True)
print dv['id']
def sleep_here(count, t):
"""simple function that takes args, prints a short message, sleeps for a time, and returns the same args"""
import time,sys
print "hi from engine %i" % id
return count,t
v = rc.load_balanced_view()
amr =, range(100), [ random.random() for i in range(100) ], chunksize=2)
pending = set(amr.msg_ids)
while pending:
rc.wait(pending, 1e-3)
except parallel.TimeoutError:
# ignore timeouterrors, since they only mean that at least one isn't done
# finished is the set of msg_ids that are complete
finished = pending.difference(rc.outstanding)
# update pending to exclude those that just finished
pending = pending.difference(finished)
for msg_id in finished:
# we know these are done, so don't worry about blocking
ar = rc.get_result(msg_id)
print "job id %s finished on engine %i" % (msg_id, ar.engine_id)
print "with stdout:"
print ' ' + ar.stdout.replace('\n', '\n ').rstrip()
print "and results:"
# note that each job in a map always returns a list of length chunksize
# even if chunksize == 1
for (count,t) in ar.result:
print " item %i: slept for %.2fs" % (count, t)
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