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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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IPython Big Split™ draft

Here is a requirements.txt to get everything that used to be IPython 3.x.

Most of the new repos were already subpackages in IPython, and have moved unmodified. Most of updated imports, after the move:

  • IPython.html -> jupyter_notebook
  • IPython.nbconvert -> jupyter_nbconvert
  • IPython.utils.traitlets -> traitlets
  • IPython.nbformat -> jupyter_nbformat
  • IPython.parallel -> ipython_parallel
  • IPython.qt -> jupyter_qtconsole
  • IPython.terminal.console -> jupyter_console

IPython.kernel has split in a slightly more complex way, since it contained both client and kernel code. For the most part, it's split into these two packages:

  • IPython.kernel -> jupyter_client, ipython_kernel

The client code is now in jupyter_client, so if you were importing kernel managers, clients, or specs, they would come from jupyter_client. This includes IPython.kernel.zmq.session, which has moved to jupyter_client.session. IPython's kernel-side code is in ipython_kernel.

The kernel.zmq subpackage is also removed, so anything in IPython.kernel.zmq will be top-level in ipython_kernel or jupyter_client, for example:

  • IPython.kernel.zmq.session -> jupyter_client.session
  • IPython.kernel.zmq.kernelapp -> ipython_kernel.kernelapp
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