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# Write a function named distance_between_points()
# that takes 2 Point as argument
# and return the distance between them
import math
class Point: """ a 2D point """
a = Point()
a.x = 0.0
Write a function that reads words in words.txt and ...
store them in a dictionary
Use the in operator as a fast way to check
Compare the speed of impelemtation with the bisection search """
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Last active Jun 6, 2021
Python / Language / Binary search
# Make a Bisection Search (or binary search),
# similar to what you do in dictionary.
# You start in the middle of the list, then you search the second half
# Word List
words = []
for line in open("/var/www/python/words.txt"):
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Last active Jun 5, 2021
Python / Language / Strings
# Get the words with three consecutive double letters
def has3_2consecutive(word):
i = 0; count = 0
while i < len(word) - 1:
if word[i] == word[i+1]:
count = count + 1
if count == 3:
return True
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Last active Jun 2, 2021
Python / Language / Strings
# A Caesar cypher is a weak form on encryption
# It involves "rotating" each letter by a number (shift it through the alphabet)
# A rotated by 3 is D; Z rotated by 1 is A
# In a SF movie the computer is called HAL, which is IBM rotated by -1
# Write a function rotate_word()
# Use built-in functions ord (char to code_number), chr (codes to char)
# Write a function called is_palindrom
# You can use built-in funciton len to check the string length
# A palindorm is a word that is spelled the same backward and forward
# Example: noon, redivider
def first(word): return word[0]
def last(word): return word[-1]
def middle(word): return word[1:-1]
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Last active Jul 16, 2021
Python / Language / Incremental development -
# Use incremental development to write a function called hypotenuse
# The function returns the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle
# The function gets the other two legs as arguments
# Record each stage of the development
# v1.0 --------------------------
def hypotenuse(a, b):
return 0
There are no positive integers a, b, c so that
a**n + b**n = c**n for any number > 2 (Fermat Last Theorem)
Define a function prompt_user() that ask user
to input values for a, b, c and n and converts them to ingeters
# Write a function convert() that returns
# days, hours, minutes, seconds since UTC
# The time module provides a function, also named time,
# that returns the current GMT in “the epoch”
import time
today = time.time()
Write a function called circle that takes a turtle, t, and radius, r,
as parameters and that draws an approximate circle
by calling polygon with an appropriate length and number of sides.
Test your function with a range of values of r.
Hint: figure out the circumference of the circle
and make sure that length * n = circumference.