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Created October 18, 2020 13:58
Fing latest go version and install it.
echo "Getting latest Go version."
goarch="$(wget -qO- | grep -oP 'go([0-9\.]+)\.linux-amd64\.tar\.gz' | head -n 1 )"
echo "Downloading latest Go for AMD64: ${goarch}"
wget --quiet --continue --show-progress "${goarch}"
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/go
sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf $goarch
rm $goarch
unset goarch
go version
1) Добавить ебя в группу tty.
2) etc/udev/rules.d/tty.rules:
KERNEL=="vcs", GROUP="tty"
KERNEL=="vcs[0-9]*", GROUP="tty"
KERNEL=="vcsa", GROUP="tty"
KERNEL=="vcsa[0-9]*", GROUP="tty"
wget --referer=
chmod u+x ./amdgpu-pro-install
sudo ./amdgpu-pro-install --compute -y
cd /usr/src/
wget -O amdgpu-pro-17.50-511655.tar.xz --referer=
Download latest AMD APP SDK from this page:
cd amdGPU
tar -vxjf AMD-APP-SDKInstaller-v3.0.130.136-GA-linux64.tar.bz2
./ --keep --target SDK
#sudo ./
minzak /
Last active July 26, 2018 18:38 — forked from gboddin/
Mining optimisation under Linux

Mining under linux


I'm in no case responsible for fried hardware, erased software or burning down houses. Make sure your miners are always well cooled.

General recommendation

Though you can easily mix nVidia and AMD in the same rig with Linux, it's recommended to use a different thread for each platform so a Driver crash doesn't bring the whole rig down. It should be noted however, that some mining software have trouble when both architecture are found on the same rig.