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select tastypie fields returned by the api
class FieldSelectionMixin(object):
add ability to Resource to query specific fields. This works by
removing any fields not in the fields list provided by the fields
query parameter.
Programming Use:
class MyResource(FieldSelectionMixin, ModelResource):
(as with any normal resource)
API Use:
/my/api/myresource/?fields=field[,field[, ...]]
/my/api/myresource/<pk>?fields=field[,field[, ...]]
For debugging purpose, add &fields_debug=1 to retrieve the list
of fields removed and those actually selected:
'_fields_removed' : [ 'field1', 'field2', ... ],
'_fields_selected' : [ 'field1', 'field2', ... ],
<actual data>
def dehydrate(self, bundle):
remove fields not requested
note: this is called for every object, so works for both detail and
list requests
only_fields = bundle.request.GET.get('fields')
debug_fields = bundle.request.GET.get('fields_debug', False)
if only_fields:
only_fields = only_fields.split(',')
fields_to_remove = [field for field in
if field not in only_fields]
for field in fields_to_remove:
if debug_fields:['_fields_selected'] = [field for field in only_fields
if field in]['_fields_removed'] = fields_to_remove
return bundle
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