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Small python script that converts character sets to utf8 in all databases and tables. My solution for "Illegal mix of collations" errors. (
from MySQLdb import connect
conn = connect(user="[USER]", passwd= "[PASSWORD]")
cur = conn.cursor()
cur.execute("show databases;")
dbs_to_update = filter(
lambda db: db not in ('information_schema', 'mysql', 'performance_schema'),
[dbname[0] for dbname in cur.fetchall()])
for db_to_update in dbs_to_update:
print "Updating %s db" % db_to_update
print "-" * (12 + len(db_to_update))
cur.execute("use %s" % db_to_update)
cur.execute("show tables;")
tables_to_update = [t[0] for t in cur.fetchall()]
for table_to_update in tables_to_update:
query = "ALTER TABLE %s CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;" % table_to_update
print table_to_update, "updated"
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error in line 22 - should be:

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cappie commented Jan 15, 2015

to support tables with views, change line 16 to:

cur.execute("show full tables where table_type = 'BASE TABLE'")

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