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mirh / InstallAllMsu.cmd
Last active May 4, 2023 15:12
Dalai's improved universal Wupdate fix (+ SHA-2 support)
@echo off
set wu_stopped=
set wu_disabled=
REM --- Check for admin rights
REM fsutil dirty query %SystemDrive% >NUL && set admin=1
REM if NOT "%admin%"=="1" (
REM echo.
REM echo Run this script as administrator!
mirh / gist:f0042f84e57e610c6b065f17b66212e6
Last active January 30, 2018 21:30
SYCL tensorflow on arch
yaourt computecpp
# register and manually download into temp build folder
sudo pacman -S bazel python-numpy python-pip python-wheel
unzip amd_gpu
cd tensorflow-dev-amd_gpu
export TF_NEED_GCP=0
export TF_NEED_HDFS=0
export TF_NEED_S3=0