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P2 PR Template Draft (Drupal Project)

Definition of Done:

This section is for your verification before submitting a PR. Remove this before submitting:

  • Has any required automated testing been written/updated?
  • Has the documentation been added/updated?
  • Is there appropriate logging included?
  • Does this add new modules/themes? If so:
    • Has the make file been updated?
    • Has the install profile's info file been updated?
    • Have you run a test build locally to confirm your new modules/themes get downloaded and enabled properly?
  • Does this add new configuration? If so:
    • Has all the required configuration been added?
    • Have you run a test build locally to confirm that the configuration gets installed correctly?
  • Does this add new Composer dependencies? If so:
    • Has composer.json been updated?
    • Has composer.lock been updated?
  • Have you run a test build locally to confirm that Composer downloads the necessary dependencies successfully?
  • Will this feature require a new piece of infrastructure be implemented? If so:
    • Have any infrastructure changes already been built and are ready for the change implemented here?
    • Is this change documented?

Below is the template for a PR. Remove (or add) any sections as needed. Erase this line before submitting.

Addresses Ticket(s):

URL to ticket(s):

Overview of work completed:

Make file additions or New Custom Module Additions

Database Updates to be Run

Additions/Updates/Deletions of fields, data structures, etc:

Other Configuration Changes

JS Changes

CSS Changes

Other Miscellaneous Changes

Screenshots (if appropriate)

How should this be manually tested?

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