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<title>Susy :: A Grid Plugin for Compass</title>
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<h1>Susy: A Compass Plugin</h1>
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<li><a href="">Download</a></li>
<li><a href="">Learn</a></li>
<li><a href="">Get Involved</a></li>
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<p>Because damnit - you're a designer not a mathmetician.</p>
Susy is a grid system for web designers. Built on the techniques
of <a href="">Natalie Downe</a>, the <a
href="">Compass</a> authoring framework,
and the <a href="">Sass</a>
meta-language for CSS, Susy brings together the unique semantic
control of hand-written code with the speed of a framework and the
strength needed for a bullet-proof design. With Susy you can build
quick, custom grids that respond to the needs of the user without
giving up design integrity. It's elastic, it's fluid, it's Susy.
Susy is an open source project envisioned and maintained by the
<a href="/">OddBrid Collective</a>: Eric Meyer, Carl Meyer and Jonny Gerig Meyer,
all of whom would love to chat sometime. Give them a ring.
<div id="credit">
<h2>Thanks to:</h2>
<a href="">Chris Eppstein</a> /
<a href="">Compass</a>
<a href="">Nathan Weizenbaum</a> /
<a href="">Sass</a>
<a href="">Natalie Downe</a> /
<a href="">CSS Systems</a>
<div id="site-info" class="footer">
<p class="license">Susy is licensed by <a href="/">OddBird Collective</a> under a BSD license, 2009.</p>
<p class="styles"><a href="">View the styles for this site.</a></p>
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