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working on a syntax for Herman/Vue component documentation…
export default {
name: 'sample-component',
group: 'buttons',
access: 'public',
description: 'A generic, scrollable modal for forms and longer-form content',
deprecated: 'This is being replaced by …'
reusable: true,
links: {
'Link description': 'target/url',
'Another link': 'target/url',
see: {
'vue': 'another-component',
'sass': 'related-mixin',
since: {
'0.1.2': 'changelog message',
'1.0.1': 'changelog message',
todo: [
'Todo item',
'Another todo item',
props: {
myProp: {
type: Number,
default: 100,
description: 'Document the purpose of this property directly inline…',
events: {
close: {
description: 'The user has pressed the close button.',
arguments: null
resize: {
description: 'The user has initiated click-and-drag resizing.',
arguments: [
name: 'dimensions'
description: 'The new dimensions of the modal.'
type: Object
shape: {
width: Number
slots: {
default: {
description: 'The main content of the modal.',
required: true
header: {
description: 'The header displayed at the top of the modal. Its content is visually separated by the main content by a darker background color.'
<!-- In case we need longer descriptions… -->
## Allow Markdown Description Here
Or is it reasonable to include markdown
in the component script,
using template literals?
<example description="Render this component with the default prop values…">
<sample-component />
<example description="Pass in a value!">
<sample-component myProp="20" />
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