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Fetch data from Epicollect5 API using R
library(jsonlite) # if needing json format
cID<-"999" # client ID
secret<- "F00HaHa00G" # client secret
proj.slug<- "YourProjectSlug" # project slug
form.ref<- "YourFormRef" # form reference
branch.ref<- "YourFromRef+BranchExtension" # branch reference
res <- POST("",
body = list(grant_type = "client_credentials",
client_id = cID,
client_secret = secret))
token <- content(res)$access_token
# url.form<- paste("", proj.slug, "?map_index=0&form_ref=", form.ref, "&format=json", sep= "") ## if using json
url.form<- paste("", proj.slug, "?map_index=0&form_ref=", form.ref, "&format=csv&headers=true", sep= "")
res1<- GET(url.form, add_headers("Authorization" = paste("Bearer", token)))
# ct1<- fromJSON(rawToChar(content(res1))) ## if using json
ct1<- read.csv(res1$url)
# url.branch<- paste("", proj.slug, "?map_index=0&branch_ref=", branch.ref, "&format=json&per_page=1000", sep= "") ## if using json; pushing max number of records from default 50 to 1000
url.branch<- paste("", proj.slug, "?map_index=0&branch_ref=", branch.ref, "&format=csv&headers=true", sep= "")
res2<- GET(url.branch, add_headers("Authorization" = paste("Bearer", token)))
ct2<- read.csv(res2$url)
# ct2<- fromJSON(rawToChar(content(res2))) ## if using json
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mirko77 commented May 25, 2022

Great, I am glad the issue is solved!

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ktemadarko commented Jun 5, 2022

That is interesting. I used exactly the code from above. The Jason one works fine. But the CSV one works fine until the ct1<- read.csv(res1$url).

@jimer666 I am facing the same issue you had, I am able to get the entries in the JSON format but the csv does not work. Were you able to resolve this issue?
Thank you

This line gives the error
ct1<- read.csv(res1$url)

Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection

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