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require 'twitter'
types = ['istj', 'estj', 'isfj', 'esfj', 'istp', 'estp', 'esfp', 'isfp', 'entj', 'entp', 'intp', 'enfj', 'infj', 'enfp', 'infp']
File.delete "people.html""people.html", "w") do |f|
f << %Q{
<h1>Personality types by twitter profile picture</h1>
seen = []
types.each do |type|
f << %Q{<h2><a href="{type.upcase}.html">#{type}</a></h2>}
tweets =
tweets.each do |tweet|
next if tweet.profile_image_url == ""
next if seen.include?(tweet.from_user_id)
seen << tweet.from_user_id
f << %Q{<a href="{tweet.from_user}"> <img width=48px src="#{tweet.profile_image_url}" /></a>}
f << "</body></html>"
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