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#How to switch between editor tabs within Eclipse

Unbelievable, that there are no build in keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs 😮

Brings the possibility to switch tabs within Eclipse like in Sublime Text for different file types:

  • Previous tab: ⎇ ⌘ ←
  • Next tab: ⎇ ⌘ →

##How to import the .epf file

  • File → Import → General → Preferences
var Twit = require("twit");
var config = require('./oauthconfig');
var T = new Twit({
consumer_key: config.consumer_key,
consumer_secret: config.consumer_secret,
access_token: config.access_token,

Code Style

  • Tab indentation
  • Single-quotes
  • Semicolon
  • Strict mode
  • No trailing whitespace
  • Variables at the top of the scope
  • Multiple variable statements
  • Space after keywords and between arguments and operators