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#If GetKeyState("CapsLock", "T") = 1
w::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{Shift Down}{Tab Down}
w up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{Shift Up}{Tab Up}
r::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{Tab Down}
r up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{Tab Up}
a::SendInput {Blind}{Home Down}
a up::SendInput {Blind}{Home Up}
g::SendInput {Blind}{End Down}
g up::SendInput {Blind}{End Up}
e::SendInput {Blind}{PgUp Down}
e up::SendInput {Blind}{PgUp Up}
d::SendInput {Blind}{PgDn Down}
d up::SendInput {Blind}{PgDn Up}
j::Send {Blind}{Left DownTemp}
j up::Send {Blind}{Left Up}
k::Send {Blind}{Down DownTemp}
k up::Send {Blind}{Down Up}
i::Send {Blind}{Up DownTemp}
i up::Send {Blind}{Up Up}
l::Send {Blind}{Right DownTemp}
l up::Send {Blind}{Right Up}
-::SendInput {Volume_Down Down}
- up::SendInput {Volume_Down Up}
=::SendInput {Volume_Up Down}
= up::SendInput {Volume_Up Up}
+esc::Send ~
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