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mishbah / gist:c26ff8d4487357bb5bb201006e0c461b
Created Aug 11, 2022
generate random string for secret key using node
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# in node repl, type...
mishbah / console.js
Created Sep 30, 2021
Facebook's console warning
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const fontMerah = 'font-size:50px; font-weight:bold; color:red; -webkit-text-stroke:1px black;';
const fontBiasa = 'font-family:helvetica; font-size:20px;'
console.log('%cStop!', fontMerah);
console.log('%cThis is a browser feature intended for developers. If someone told you to copy and paste something here to enable a Facebook feature or "hack" someone\'s account, it is a scam and will give them access to your Facebook account.', fontBiasa);
console.log('%cSee for more information.', fontBiasa);
View my service on linux
mysql mongod teamviewerd mssql-server nginx redis-server postgresql
# how to enable, disable, start, stop, and status
sudo systemctl enable <name_of_service>
sudo systemctl start <name_of_service>
sudo systemctl status <name_of_service>
sudo systemctl stop <name_of_service>
sudo systemctl disable <name_of_service>
View trigger-demo.sql
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\Users\Nur Hidayat>d:
D:\>cd xampp\mysql\bin
D:\xampp\mysql\bin>mysql -u root
Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 4
mishbah / gist:b46673e817848d7fae83e14b6a6b631f
Last active Mar 14, 2018 — forked from giannisp/gist:ebaca117ac9e44231421f04e7796d5ca
Upgrade PostgreSQL 9.6.5 to 10.3 using Homebrew (macOS)
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After automatically updating Postgres to 10.3 via Homebrew, the pg_ctl start command didn't work.
The error was "The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 9.6, which is not compatible with this version 10.3."
Database files have to be updated before starting the server, here are the steps that had to be followed:
# if default not linked to version 10.3 run this script,otherwise skip
# need to have both 9.6.x and latest 10.3 installed, and keep 10.3 as default
# brew unlink postgresql
# brew install postgresql@9.6
# brew unlink postgresql@9.6
mishbah / Gulpfile.js
Created Aug 21, 2015
Gulpfile for TDD
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var gulp = require('gulp');
var phpspec = require('gulp-phpspec');
var run = require('gulp-run');
var notify = require('gulp-notify');
gulp.task('test', function(){
run('clear', {'usePowerShell': true}).exec('Vinyl', function(){
.pipe(phpspec('', { notify: true}))
.on('error', notify.onError({
mishbah / php-gettersetter.sublime-snippet
Created Sep 1, 2016
Snippet for php getter and setter for sublimetext (tested at sublimetext v3)
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* Getter for ${1:$SELECTION}
* @return ${2:mixed}
public function get${1/^(\w)|(?:_(\w))|(?:_)/(?1\u$1:)(?2\u$2:)/g}()
return \$this->$1;
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$sepatuVarian = [
$varians = [
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// app/start/global.php
| Application Error Logger
| Here we will configure the error logger setup for the application which
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$I = new TestGuy($scenario);
$I->wantTo('register for a new account');
$I->see('Register', 'h1');
$I->fillField('email', '');
$I->fillField('Password:', 'password');