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A function for determining an ACF field's sub field key based on a field name. For more info see
* Locates an ACF sub-field by field name and returns the sub-field's key.
* This is particularly useful if you need to construct a data array for programmatic field
* update where a complex field is in use (e.g; repeater, group, flexi).
* @param string $sub_field_name The sub field name we need a key for.
* @param array $field The ACF field array.
* @return string The sub-field's field key or an empty string where the sub-field is not found
function get_acf_sub_field_key_by_field_name( $sub_field_name, array $field ) {
$sub_fields = acf_get_fields( $field );
foreach ( $sub_fields as $sub_field ) {
if ( $sub_field['name'] === $sub_field_name ) {
return $sub_field['key'];
return '';
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