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Shortest simplest sweetest web "hello {NAME}" in Ruby

This is the shortest "hello {NAME}" Ruby program I could make. It fits in a tweet!

  1. Save it as ""
  2. gem install rack
  3. Run rackup
  4. Visit http://localhost:9292/?name=NAME
run ->(e){ p=Hash[*e['QUERY_STRING'].split(/[&=]/)]; [200, {'Content-type'=>'text/html'}, ["Hello #{p['name']}!"]] }
# Of course, the same thing in Sinatra is way shorter! But I went for minimum dependencies above.
require 'sinatra'; get('/') { "Hello #{params[:name]}!" }
# WEBrick equivalent, if we're limiting ourself to only Ruby stdlib and no dependencies
require 'webrick'
server = :Port => 8000
server.mount_proc('/') {|req, res| res.body = "Hello #{req.query['name']}!" }
trap('INT') {server.shutdown}
# Just ruby, not even WEBrick!
# Submitted by
require "socket"
socket =, Socket::SOCK_STREAM, 0)
socket.bind(Socket.pack_sockaddr_in(3000, "localhost"))
loop do
connection = socket.accept[0]
connection.gets.match /name=(.+) (.+)/
connection.write "#{$2} 200 OK\nContent-Type: text/html\n\nHello #{$1}"
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