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My Shortwave configuration
> This is a Shortwave configuration file
> Some triggers copied from benpickles (
> Urls may contain the following replacement tokens:
> %s → search terms
> %r → URL of current page
> %d → domain part of the current URL
> %t → current page title
> A special `*` trigger can be used to define an untriggered
> search, i.e. when there is no trigger prefix in the input.
gh GitHub Search
gist GitHub Gist search
git Git command help
rt Rails issue tracker
d tag
site Search the current site
map Google Maps
img Google Image Search
tr Translate the current page
dict Urban Dictionary
acr Acronym search
w Wikipedia Search
appl Search
a Amazon Search
eb eBay Search
imdb IMDB Search
f Flickr Search
t Twitter User
ts Twitter Search
yt YouTube Search
v Vimeo Search
e mailto:?subject=%t&body=%s%0A%0A%09%r%0A%0A Email link
ip IP Address
http HTTP status code definitions

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@zulal88 zulal88 commented Mar 14, 2019

Hey! You seem like a good person.
Okay, so I really enjoy the idea of this (I was trying to incorporate Java into my browser, but then I found this) however even though I read everything, on the original site too, it isn't really working for me.
Not sure if the video is working, but basically what happened is I enter a command file and press enter, I drag the custom bookmark onto my bookmarks bar and when I try to use the command it doesn't work.
I know the command is written correctly. I know I did everything correct, I'm wondering if this is just happening to me and how I can fix it?

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