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Read custom config from settings.yml into a Rails 3 app

This is some sample code with no dependencies.

I've later extracted this into a separate library called choices.

# needs the "hashie" gem in Gemfile
require 'erb'
module Movies
class Application < Rails::Application
# read from "settings.yml" and optional "settings.local.yml"
settings ='../settings.yml', __FILE__))).result
mash =[Rails.env.to_s])
optional_file = File.expand_path('../settings.local.yml', __FILE__)
if File.exists? optional_file
optional_settings =
optional_values = YAML::load(optional_settings)[Rails.env.to_s]
mash.update optional_values if optional_values
mash.each do |key, value|
config.send("#{key}=", value)
# now we can use those settings happily
initializer "MongoMapper connect" do
MongoMapper.config = { Rails.env => config.mongodb }
config.middleware.use Twitter::Login,
:consumer_key => config.twitter.consumer_key, :secret => config.twitter.secret
config.facebook_client =, config.facebook.secret,
:user_fields => %w[link name email website timezone movies])

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millisami commented Dec 22, 2011

Sample yml files attached would be great!


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mislav commented Dec 25, 2011

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