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missionmike / deploy-via-rsync.yml
Last active November 9, 2021 22:11
Deploy via SSH & rsync GitHub action
name: Deploy via rsync
# Controls when the action will run. Workflow runs when manually triggered using the UI
# or API.
# To add additional options, such as triggering when the main branch is updated, add:
# on:
# push:
# branches:
# - main
missionmike / wordpress-open-edit-post-tabs.js
Last active February 6, 2021 06:08
One-liner to find & click all post "Edit" links in the WordPress admin area.
* Note: Most browsers will have pop-up blockers on - you'll need to allow your domain
* through the pop-up blocker in order for this to work. Also, I'd suggest limiting your
* post view to 20 max, or whatever you're comfortable with. However many posts are in the
* list view, is how many tabs will open!
// jQuery version:
jQuery(".iedit .edit a").each((i, el) => {"href"), "_blank"); });
missionmike / gmb-get-cids.js
Last active March 6, 2021 05:52
Get CID from Google My Business Table
* Instructions:
* 1. Visit your Google My Business admin section to view the "Businesses" table.
* If there is a "See your profile" button on the far right, this script might
* help you scrape for the Google Maps CIDs.
* 2. Open console, copy/paste this script there and execute. Data should get
* copied to the clipboard at the end of script.