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Created February 27, 2019 16:06
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class ExportedActivityDetector : Detector(), Detector.XmlScanner {
override fun getApplicableAttributes() = listOf("exported")
override fun visitAttribute(context: XmlContext, attribute: Attr) {
if (attribute.isParentActivity() && attribute.value == "true") {
val location = context.getLocation(attribute)
scope = attribute,
message = ISSUE_EXPORTED_ACTIVITY.getBriefDescription(TextFormat.TEXT),
location = location,
quickfixData = quickFix(location)
private fun quickFix(location: Location): LintFix? {
return fix().name("Remove attribute")
private fun Attr.isParentActivity() = ownerElement?.nodeName == "activity"
id = "ExportedActivity",
briefDescription = "<activity> is accessible by other applications",
explanation = """
This attribute allows other applications to open the activity which
is probably something you do not want. If you are using intent-filters
they automatically export the activity.
category = Category.CORRECTNESS,
priority = 7,
severity = Severity.ERROR,
implementation = Implementation(,
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