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paths: {
'phidget22': ['^3.10/browser/phidget22'],
}, // strip .js ^, require adds it back
var usbconn;
require(['phidget22'], function(phidget22) {
misterhay / wisdom-of-the-crowd.ipynb
Last active Jul 11, 2022
A "Wisdom of the Crowd" Callysto
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misterhay /
Created Jun 19, 2022
Python code for logging data to (and retrieving data from)
class_code = '5L'
value = 12
from datetime import datetime
import requests
import pandas as pd
ethercalc_id = 'callysto' # can be the same as class_code, or randomly generated
base_url = ''
post_url = base_url+'_/'+ethercalc_id
import pandas as pd
import as px
url = ''
df = pd.read_html(url, header=0)
updated = df[1].columns[-1].split(': ')[1]
legend = df[1]['Legend'].values.tolist()
notes = df[1]['Legend.1'].dropna().values.tolist()
misterhay /
Created Jan 27, 2022
Canadian temperature and precipitation 30 year averages for Canada from World Bank Climate Change Knowledge Portal
# download csv files from
import pandas as pd
import os
df = pd.DataFrame()
for root, dirs, files in os.walk('.'):
for name in files:
if name.endswith('.csv'):
df2 = pd.read_csv(os.path.join(root, name), skiprows=1)
misterhay /
Last active Jan 24, 2022
Create a double bar graph from Gapminder data
countries = sorted(['Canada','United States','Mexico','Costa Rica','China'])
year = '2013'
import pandas as pd
co2 = pd.read_csv('')
electricity = pd.read_csv('')
y1 = co2[co2['country'].isin(countries)][year]
y2 = electricity[electricity['country'].isin(countries)][year]/1000
y1_name = 'Carbon Dioxide Emissions per Person'
misterhay / halo-infinite-statistics.ipynb
Last active Jan 14, 2022
Halo Infinite Statistics.ipynb
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misterhay /
Created Jan 5, 2022
Read data from the Wikipedia article on electricity generation in Alberta and create a pie chart
import pandas as pd
import as px
df = pd.read_html('')
categories = ['coal','natural gas','dual fuel','biomass','geothermal','hydroelectric','wind','solar']
values = []
for i, c in enumerate(categories):
total = int(pd.to_numeric(df[i+1]['Capacity (MW)'], errors='coerce').sum())
px.pie(names=categories, values=values)
misterhay / autocode-halo-infinite-stats.js
Last active Jan 2, 2022
Javascript for creating a Halo Infinite statistics endpoint on
View autocode-halo-infinite-stats.js
// Return Halo Infinite stats for a gamertag as a json string
// instructions for creating your own endpoint at
const lib = require('lib')({token: process.env.STDLIB_SECRET_TOKEN});
module.exports = async (context) => {
const gamertag = context.params.gamertag;
// if no gamertag is passed return an error
if (!gamertag) {
return {
misterhay /
Last active Dec 13, 2021
A Python script to extract images from Minecraft Education Edition portfolio exports
# python -m pip install PyMuPDF Pillow
import os # for files and directories
import io # for bytes
import fitz #PyMuPDF
from PIL import Image #Pillow
for root, dirs, files in os.walk("."):
for filename in files:
if filename.endswith('.pdf'):