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Mitchell Urgero mitchellurgero

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mitchellurgero / SearchExchangeMailBox.ps1
Created Jun 26, 2018
Search mailbox in Exchange 2013/2016 for keywords, save to a targetMailbox then export PST.
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# Search Mailbox's for given keywords
# Make sure the targetMailbox exists, if the folderName folder does not that will be created automatically.
# Made by Mitchell Urgero
mitchellurgero / search.ps1
Created May 31, 2018
Search Exchange 2013/2016 for emails and put into a PST file (Powershell!)
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# Search All mailbox's on the server:
Get-mailboxserver -identity "SERVERNAME" | search-mailbox -searchquery "Search query as you would type it in Outlook" -targetmailbox "USERNAMEOFTARGETMAILBOX" -TargetFolder "NEWFOLDERTOPUTSEARCHIN" -loglevel full
# Search One mailbox on the server:
search-mailbox -Identity "USERNAME" -searchquery "Search query as you would type it in Outlook" -targetmailbox "USERNAMEOFTARGETMAILBOX" -TargetFolder "NEWFOLDERTOPUTSEARCHIN" -loglevel full
# Explination:
# USERNAMEOFTARGETMAILBOX - The mailbox the search results will be pulled into. (E.G: administrator)
mitchellurgero /
Created Mar 14, 2018
Using Easy2Boot for installing Linux!

Looking to install one of the distributions listed on this site? Here are some general instructions to get the job done for most distro's listed here.


Note: Some Linux distributions will require special instructions, which you will find on the download site for that specific distro.

Part 1: Downloading the required software.

Assuming you are on Windows (If you are on linux, you know how to install Linux and don't really need this tutorial) the easiest way is using Easy2Boot (Which does more than just Linux too!)

mitchellurgero / jenkins.bash
Last active Jul 22, 2018
TKLDev Build Scripts / TKLDev Jenkins Build Scripts
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#source .bashrc
cd /turnkey/fab/products/$1
echo In products/$1
echo Current Build $2
export FAB_PATH=/turnkey/fab
mitchellurgero /
Last active Mar 6, 2018
[HOWTO] Open Source Media Center (RPI / x86)
mitchellurgero / mysql_class.php
Last active Oct 17, 2017
A simple MySQLi class to make using MySQLi in PHP a little bit easier
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* Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC)
* 1DaXBwnUgWcPuNvEzei9KMkodjxF6rSSw6
class db {
View rbl_check.php
RBL checker tool for Windows & Linux
By Mitchell Urgero
Code based off of just with *slight* modifications and a proper RBL list.
$mail_server = "111.222.333.444"; // or: trim(exec("curl")); to get the WAN IP of the current server.
$rbls = array(
mitchellurgero / memory_watcher.php
Last active Oct 25, 2017
Memory Watchdog Service for GNU Social daemons + RabbitMQ
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if(php_sapi_name() !== 'cli'){
//Tiny config options
$max = 95; //Max percentage the script should detect (in RAM Usage)
$restartScript = "/root/"; //Location of the restart script for the daemons.
/* "/root/" - also see:
mitchellurgero /
Last active Aug 3, 2017
Backup 1 MySQL DB and the /var/www folder to backup websites - Very Basic, and does the job.
#! /bin/bash
# Make the following DIR's:
# /temp
# /backups
TIMESTAMP=$(date +"%F")
mitchellurgero / cron.text
Created Jul 26, 2017
GNU Social Queue Daemon Systemd Unit File & cron
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crontab -e
0 0 * * * /bin/bash /root/
(Make sure to change for your setup