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Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine mitcho

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# Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine 2016, public domain
# instructions:
# brew install enscript
# Install PDFtk
# current build:
# setup csv with EasyChair ID, desired filename, authors
mitcho / gb4e-nels.sty
Last active Dec 22, 2015
gb4e modified to be left-aligned with examples indented 0.5in, as required by the NELS style guide. Use at your own risk!
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% -*- LaTeX -*-
% Version 4export (= v. 4 minus the compatibility code)
% Based on hpk's gb.sty, revised for GM syllabus by ct,
% and incorporating macros adapted from J.Frampton, M. van der Goot en M.
% Covington. Full documentation in gb4e-doc.tex. Bug-reports
% and suggestions for improvements, other used features, please!
% The package gb4e may be distributed under the conditions of the LaTeX Project
mitcho / gist:5753794
Created Jun 11, 2013
JS bookmarklet for getting a summary display of how many abstracts have how many reviews submitted, on LinguistList EasyAbs's rating summary page. Requires jQuery to be loaded first, for example using a jQuerify bookmarklet. Also might require a modern JS implementation like a recent Firefox (uses array comprehensions).
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mitcho / test-tools.php
Last active Dec 16, 2015
A tiny WordPress plugin which aids in automated screen capture testing: - if ?invisibletext=1 is set, all text will be set to be transparent - if ?genericimages=1 is set, all images will be blacked out - completely turns off authentication: DO NOT USE ON A PUBLICLY-ACCESSIBLE SITE
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* Plugin Name: Test Tools
* Plugin URI:
* Description: mitcho's tools for automated testing.
* Author: mitcho
* Version: 1.1
class TestTools {