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Created Jul 19, 2018
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import Control.Concurrent
import Control.Concurrent.STM
import Control.Exception.Safe
import Data.Time.Units
pollT :: TimeUnit t => t -> IO a -> IO (STM (Maybe a), Async b)
pollT delay act = do
tv <- newTVarIO Nothing
as <-
async . forever $ do
r <- tryAny act
case r of
Left e -> print e
Right r' -> atomically (writeTVar tv (Just r'))
(threadDelay . fromIntegral . toMicroseconds) delay
pure (readTVar tv, as)
pollTDef :: TimeUnit t => t -> a -> IO a -> IO (STM a, Async b)
pollTDef delay def act = do
(r, as) <- pollT delay act
pure (fromMaybe def <$> r, as)
alwaysFromMaybe :: STM (Maybe a) -> STM a
alwaysFromMaybe = (maybe retry pure =<<)
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