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View ng2_dnd_todolist.js
onDrop(src: Todo, trg: Todo) {
this._moveRow(src.order, trg.order);
_moveRow(src, trg) {
src = parseInt(src);
trg = parseInt(trg);
// If the element was moved down
if (src > trg) {
View ng2_dnd_todolist.html
 <todo *ngFor=”let todo of todos” [todo]=”todo” [makeDraggable]=”todo” makeDroppable (dropped)=”onDrop($event, todo)”></todo>
View ng2_dnd_makeDroppabel.js
selector: '[makeDroppable]'
export class MakeDroppable implements OnInit {
@Output() dropped: EventEmitter<any> = new EventEmitter();
constructor(private _elementRef: ElementRef) {}
ngOnInit() {
let el = this._elementRef.nativeElement;
View ng2_dnd_makeDraggable.js
selector: '[makeDraggable]'
export class MakeDraggable {
@Input('makeDraggable') data: any;
constructor(private _elementRef: ElementRef) {}
ngOnInit() {
// Get the current element
mithun-daa / server.js
Created Feb 20, 2015
Authenticating a Node application using Thinktecture Identity Server v2
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var express = require('express'),
app = express(),
bodyParser = require('body-parser'),
cookieParser = require('cookie-parser'),
session = require('express-session'),
passport = require('passport'),
wsfedsaml2 = require('passport-wsfed-saml2').Strategy;
passport.use('wsfed-saml2', new wsfedsaml2({
realm: 'urn:node:app',
View gist:170822fe46116879d9f9
echo "installing binaries..."
brew install ${binaries[@]}
mithun-daa / branches
Created Dec 19, 2011
Commited new/updated files to git
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#new branch
git checkout -b <branchname>
#switch back to master
git checkout master