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a script for group1 2_EVA data. (
from ij import IJ, Prefs
from ij.gui import Roi
from import DirectoryChooser
from ij.plugin.frame import ThresholdAdjuster
from ij.process import ImageProcessor
from ij.plugin.filter import BackgroundSubtracter
from fiji.threshold import Auto_Threshold
from loci.plugins import BF
from pta import PTA
from pta.gui import ShowPdata
from pta.track import DetectParticle
from import PtaParam
from java.util import ArrayList
import os, csv
def CSVwrite(srcpath, msddata):
parentdirectory = os.path.dirname(srcpath)
filename = os.path.basename(srcpath)
basename = os.path.splitext(filename)[0]
for msd in msddata:
thisid = msd.getID()
coordsPath = os.path.join(parentdirectory, basename + "_" + str(int(thisid)) +"_coords.csv")
msdPath = os.path.join(parentdirectory, basename + "_" + str(int(thisid)) + "_msd.csv")
print coordsPath
print msdPath
f1 = open(coordsPath, 'wb')
writer = csv.writer(f1)
track = msd.getTrack()
for node in track:
writer.writerow([node.getCx(), node.getCy(), node.getParam()[1],node.getParam()[2]])
f2 = open(msdPath, 'wb')
writer = csv.writer(f2)
dtA = msd.getFullDFrames()
msdA = msd.getFullMSD()
for i in range(len(dtA)):
writer.writerow([dtA[i], msdA[i]])
def core(datafilepath):
# load data as an ImagePlus object
#imp = IJ.openImage(datafilepath)
imp = BF.openImagePlus(datafilepath)[0]
# default ROI = full frame
scanAreaRoi = Roi(0,0,imp.getWidth(),imp.getHeight()),"Subtract Background...", "rolling=10 stack")
#bs = BackgroundSubtracter()
#for frame in range(imp.getStackSize()):
# ip = imp.getStack().getProcessor(frame + 1)
# bs.rollingBallBackground(ip, 10.0, False, False, False, False, False)
ip = imp.getProcessor()
#ht = ip.getAutoThreshold()
Prefs.blackBackground = True
iphist = imp.getProcessor().getHistogram()
#lt = Auto_Threshold.Intermodes(iphist)
#lt = Auto_Threshold.Triangle(iphist)
lt = Auto_Threshold.Moments(iphist)
ip.setThreshold(lt, ip.getMax(), ImageProcessor.RED_LUT)
#ip.setThreshold(0, 111, ImageProcessor.RED_LUT)
# set no GUI mode
# set Detection Parameters
ptap = PtaParam.Builder(16,16, False).build()
### paramter customizations
# instantiate a DetectParticle object
dp = DetectParticle(ptap,imp,scanAreaRoi, True)
# set range of frames to analyze
dp.setStackRange(1, imp.getStackSize())
# start threads.
# wait till the processing finishes
# stop the thread.
# show detection results
# Particle lists
#ll = dp.getalldplist()
#print ll
# track lists
tracks = dp.getLinkedPointList()
for t in tracks:
print t
# MSD analysis
msds = dp.getMSDres(5.0, True)
print "msd data size", msds.size()
for msd in msds:
print msd.getID(), msd.getA(), msd.getB(), msd.getR()
CSVwrite(datafilepath, msds)
# discard the DetextParticle Object
dp = None
##Back to the GUI mode: without this line, PTA GUI will not showup from next time.
srcDir = DirectoryChooser("Choose!").getDirectory()
IJ.log("directory: "+srcDir)
for root, directories, filenames in os.walk(srcDir):
for filename in filenames:
if filename.endswith(".tif"):
path = os.path.join(root, filename)
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