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mix3d / recursiveDeepCopy.js
Created August 8, 2018 21:18
Most Performant JS DeepCopy
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// from
function recursiveDeepCopy(o) {
var newO, i;
if (typeof o !== 'object') {
return o;
if (!o) {
return o;
View Google Play Api - Apk

Updated to match latest changes to API

In Google Developer Console inside your app project, on the Credentials section, you must create a new "Service Account" "Client ID", if you have not already. And download the JSON file.

On Google Play Developer Console you have to give permissions to "" for uploading apks.


Download Google APIs Client Library for Python (google-api-python-client): or use pip:

mix3d / Responsive Grid.markdown
Created November 5, 2015 21:58
Responsive Grid
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