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- Preforking standalone HTTP server
- Based on Catalyst::Engine::HTTP::Prefork by Andy Grundma
- Ported to Plack by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
- Uses Net::Server::PreFork
- Supports HTTP/1.1
- Pipelined requests
- Chunked request/response
- Keep-Alives
- Graceful restart with HUP (No shutdown with QUIT yet)
- Server::Starter support
- No Win32 support
- Supports binding multiple interfaces
- UNIX Domain socket
- Dynamic worker configuration with TTIN/TTOU
- Spare servers (optional)
- Specifying backlog size (optional)
- Delay loading apps by default, preloading optional
- PID file and daemonize support
- Preforking standalone HTTP server
- Written by Kazuho Oku
- Uses Parallel::Prefork
- Supports HTTP/1.0
- Keep-Alives
- Graceful restart and shutdown
- Server::Starter support
- Win32 support
- Preloading apps by default
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