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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
file ="index.html", "r:iso-2022-jp:UTF-8")
content =
all_html = <<HTML
<meta http-requiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">
<meta name="Author" content="Aoki Minero">
<title>Ruby Hacking Guide</title>
content.scan(%r[<li><a href="(.*?)">(.*?)</a>]) do |filename, title|
chap =, "r:iso-2022-jp:UTF-8")
html =
html.sub!(/^.+?<h1>/m, %q[<h1 class="chapter">])
html.gsub!(/<h2>/, "<h3>")
html.sub!(%r[</body>.*]m, '')
all_html << html
all_html << '</body></html>'
puts all_html
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miyagawa commented Oct 20, 2013

Save the output to all.html and then run: ebook-convert all.html --mobi-keep-original-image --mobi-file-type both and you get the MOBI:

module.html seems to have invalid characters by the way you have to eliminate before running the script.

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