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Created August 3, 2017 20:27
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Cross entropy loss pytorch implementation
import torch
from torch import autograd
from torch import nn
class CrossEntropyLoss(nn.Module):
This criterion (`CrossEntropyLoss`) combines `LogSoftMax` and `NLLLoss` in one single class.
NOTE: Computes per-element losses for a mini-batch (instead of the average loss over the entire mini-batch).
log_softmax = nn.LogSoftmax()
def __init__(self, class_weights):
self.class_weights = autograd.Variable(torch.FloatTensor(class_weights).cuda())
def forward(self, logits, target):
log_probabilities = self.log_softmax(logits)
# NLLLoss(x, class) = -weights[class] * x[class]
return -self.class_weights.index_select(0, target) * log_probabilities.index_select(-1, target).diag()
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