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@mjg123 mjg123/latinsq.clj
Created Oct 26, 2011

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Latin square solver in clojure
(ns latinsq.core
(:use [clojure.set :only (difference)]))
(defn replace-at
"in string s, replaces character at index p with c"
[s p c]
(.substring s 0 p)
(.substring s (inc p))))
; memoized function to save time on sqrt calls
(def sqrt (memoize (fn [x] (Math/sqrt x))))
(defn candidates
"assuming that the position pos is empty in sq, return those values that it might be"
[pos sq]
(let [sq-size (int (sqrt (count sq)))]
; set difference between...
; ...all the possible values...
(set (map #(first (str %)) (range 1 (inc sq-size))))
; ...and the set of...
(into #{}
; ...those in the same column...
(map #(get sq %)
(range (rem pos sq-size)
(count sq)
; ...and those in the same row.
(map #(get sq %)
(map #(+ % (- pos (rem pos sq-size)))
(range 0 sq-size))))))))
(defn latinsq
"encode your partial-square as a string like 1--1
this fn returns a lazy sequence of all solutions"
; Find the first empty square
(let [empty-pos (.indexOf sq "-")]
; if none, we don't need to do anything
(if (= -1 empty-pos)
(list sq)
; else make a lazy sequence of...
; ...the concatenation of all the results of...
(apply concat
; ...using "map" to recurse, filling in the empty
; square with...
(map #(latinsq (replace-at sq empty-pos %))
; ...each possible value in turn
(candidates empty-pos sq)))))))
;; So, now some examples
(latinsq "123------"))
;; "Elapsed time: 0.045368 msecs"
;; ("123231312" "123312231")
(latinsq "12---31--------4"))
;; "Elapsed time: 0.068511 msecs"
;; ("1243431224313124" "1243431234212134")
;; A bit harder, an empty 5x5 grid
;; has 161280 solutions according to
(count (latinsq "-------------------------")))
;; "Elapsed time: 36980.759177 msecs" <--- a bit slow
;; 161280
;; Having made sure that our function returns a lazy seq
;; the whole result can be treated lazily, so to find just one
;; solution to the 5x5 grid:
(first (latinsq "-------------------------")))
;; "Elapsed time: 0.985559 msecs" <--- not slow
;; "1234521453345124523153124"
;; first 3 of 5524751496156892842531225600 solutions for a 9x9 grid
(take 3 (latinsq "---------------------------------------------------------------------------------")))
;; "Elapsed time: 0.075874 msecs"
;; ("123456789214365897341278956432189675567891234658917342789523461896742513975634128"
;; "123456789214365897341278956432189675567891234658917342789523461975634128896742513"
;; "123456789214365897341278956432189675567891234658917342789524163896743521975632418")
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