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Observe changes to a Core Data fetch request with Combine
import Combine
import CoreData
extension NSManagedObjectContext {
func changesPublisher<Object: NSManagedObject>(for fetchRequest: NSFetchRequest<Object>)
-> ManagedObjectChangesPublisher<Object>
ManagedObjectChangesPublisher(fetchRequest: fetchRequest, context: self)
struct ManagedObjectChangesPublisher<Object: NSManagedObject>: Publisher {
typealias Output = CollectionDifference<Object>
typealias Failure = Error
let fetchRequest: NSFetchRequest<Object>
let context: NSManagedObjectContext
init(fetchRequest: NSFetchRequest<Object>, context: NSManagedObjectContext) {
self.fetchRequest = fetchRequest
self.context = context
func receive<S: Subscriber>(subscriber: S) where Failure == S.Failure, Output == S.Input {
let inner = Inner(downstream: subscriber, fetchRequest: fetchRequest, context: context)
subscriber.receive(subscription: inner)
private final class Inner<Downstream: Subscriber>: NSObject, Subscription,
where Downstream.Input == CollectionDifference<Object>, Downstream.Failure == Error {
private let downstream: Downstream
private var fetchedResultsController: NSFetchedResultsController<Object>?
downstream: Downstream,
fetchRequest: NSFetchRequest<Object>,
context: NSManagedObjectContext
) {
self.downstream = downstream
= NSFetchedResultsController(
fetchRequest: fetchRequest,
managedObjectContext: context,
sectionNameKeyPath: nil,
cacheName: nil)
fetchedResultsController!.delegate = self
do {
try fetchedResultsController!.performFetch()
} catch {
downstream.receive(completion: .failure(error))
private var demand: Subscribers.Demand = .none
func request(_ demand: Subscribers.Demand) {
self.demand += demand
private var lastSentState: [Object] = []
private var currentDifferences = CollectionDifference<Object>([])!
private func updateDiff() {
= Array(fetchedResultsController?.fetchedObjects ?? []).difference(
from: lastSentState)
private func fulfillDemand() {
if demand > 0 && !currentDifferences.isEmpty {
let newDemand = downstream.receive(currentDifferences)
lastSentState = Array(fetchedResultsController?.fetchedObjects ?? [])
currentDifferences = lastSentState.difference(from: lastSentState)
demand += newDemand
demand -= 1
func cancel() {
fetchedResultsController?.delegate = nil
fetchedResultsController = nil
func controllerDidChangeContent(
_ controller: NSFetchedResultsController<NSFetchRequestResult>
) {
override var description: String {

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@michaello michaello commented Oct 1, 2020

Are you sure that line 81 is correct? We're applying difference on the same arrays: lastSentState.


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@mjm mjm commented Oct 1, 2020

@michaello Yeah, it looks super weird, but that is actually correct!

That line is just resetting currentDifferences to an empty state. I couldn't tell you why I opted to express that in this particular way, I guess I felt like the initializer for it was clunky.

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