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A tiny framework for setting goals early in the design process
_This works best as a conversation you facilitate. Keep the document in front of everyone and write down their concerns as goals. As you write, ask if you've captured the goal accurately._
# Goal-setting framework
> Let's try to steer clear of specific design suggestions right now. Let's describe our goals first, then figure out which are the most important. This will help us create a stronger design.
## Design goals
> What problem do we want to solve?
* [List of goals]
## Communication goals
> What do we want the customer to know?
* [List of goals]
## Business goals
> What do we want to achieve?
* [List of goals]
_Once you've gathered your goals, prioritize them. Which goals are absolutely necessary? Limit yourself to no more than three._
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# Principles for goal-setting
* Agree on them with your team
* Keep them clear and actionable
* Make them descriptive, not prescriptive
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